Blok Flüt Çalmayı Neden Bıraktı? / Burak Ünaldı

Why Did He Stop Playing The Block Flute? / Burak Unaldi

by Mehmet Serdar Kılıç on Jan 22, 2023

Burak Unaldi.

He wants to be remembered without any adjectives next to his name. "What is the need for them now?" she thinks. It is not unjustified, at the point where humanity has come, in a time when the sharing of knowledge is so limitless, plentiful and shareable, if anyone who wants and strives can be or can do "something", what is the need for our adjectives from the last millennium? With Burak Ünaldı, we remembered his speech, broadcasting, musicianship, Taksim and the first days of social media. Don't forget to follow Burak for more.

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