Hukuk ve Adalet Arayışı Üzerine Ne Yapmalı? / Av.Bedia Büyükgebiz

What to Do About Law and the Search for Justice? / Av.Bedia Büyükgebiz

by Mehmet Serdar Kılıç on Apr 05, 2023

Attorney Bedia Büyükgebiz is a person with high energy, who has been on the field at every stage of her life, and who is based on social benefit. We came together on April 5, 2023 Lawyers' Day. We talked a little bit about Justice and Law. After the Maraş earthquake, Bedia, who came to the agenda with her effort to contain the documents during the “unnecessary” destruction of the Provincial Health Directorate in Antakya, made her name on the lists as the MV Candidate Candidate in the 14 May elections. You can access your IG account from the link.

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