Mehmet Serdar is an independent photographer/director born and raised in Istanbul. He is based in Atlanta, GA. He helps many of the world's leading brands tell their stories through images. He has a unique understanding of both the client and agency sides of projects, and his business experience and background in media and marketing give him a unique perspective. Mehmet Serdar is available for hire worldwide.
The following is a list of some of the clients with whom he has worked:

Apple | Samsung | Huawei | Turkish Airlines | Voonka | Solgar | Boyner | Kitchenaid | Castrol | Ford | Mercedes-Benz | Jeep | English Home | Vogue | Patagonia | Sony | Fujifilm | Hilton | Kempinski | Amazon |
Mehmet Serdar is traveling/working on projects with Adobe, Nissan, and Fujifilm GFX. Still, please feel free to contact him for selective projects via the form below or directly at

Thank you!
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